Sweet Hesleyside


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Instrumentation: Flute 1, Flute 2, Flute 3 / Descant Recorder, Clarinet in Bb, Alto Saxophone, Violin, Accordion (/ Piano / Guitar) and Bass.

This is an arrangement of a beautiful Northumbrian traditional air: it is in 3/4 and should be played in a very smooth / legato style at about MM 100.

In this arrangement, the melody is first presented by solo flute before being joined by solo violin (though it can be left as flute alone, if preferred.) The remaining instruments join for the cadence. This section should be played quietly. The second part of the melody, beginning at letter A, should crescendo before dying away a little going into letter B.

The melody is repeated from here and, again, there should be a crescendo into letter D, before, again, dying away a little going into letter D. The final section, from letter F, should be played quietly, slowing down to the end.

The individual parts are not too demanding, so care can be taken with phrasing and ensemble.

As with all pieces in this series of arrangements, there is flexibility in the scoring. It would make a good ensemble piece at KS4 and would also be suitable for submission as a GCSE Ensemble performance, though the level of difficulty varies between the instruments.

It also proved popular at the concerts given by the School Folk Band while I was teaching and it is appreciated at the Folk evening I attend monthly, whenever I perform it.