About asc4music

Andrew S. Coxon gained a joint Honours Degree in Music and English from York University before going on to Leeds University to complete a PGCE qualification. At York, the Professor of Music was Wilfrid Mellers, an inspiring teacher and renowned author and composer. At Leeds, the Education department was led by Jack Pilgrim, another motivating figure. He went on to complete a further degree through the Open University, studying Music and Education.

He was a Music Teacher for 45 years, all in senior schools and teaching from ages 11 – 18 during that time, Practical involvement in musical productions and running a wide range of music groups has always been an important part of his work in schools and he has arranged most of the music performed by the various orchestras, bands, choirs and folk groups he has run over these years. As a classroom teacher, he actively encouraged the use of technology within music performance and composition. Examination teaching has been a major feature of his career and he has gained additional experience through his roles as examiner and moderator for one of the major examining boards over many years, including senior posts, as held currently. He retired from the classroom in August, 2014.

He is a composer and arranger for a wide range of ensembles, from individual instrument and piano through small ensembles to choirs, Orchestras, as well as full Concert / Wind and Brass Bands. It is intended that an ever-increasing selection of these works, as well as projects and worksheets for KS3, KS4 / GCSE and GCE, will be made available through this website.

He has co-authored and edited books for examination purposes for Nelson Thornes (the AS/A Level book co-authored with Rosemary Broadbent (www.rosemarybroadbent.co.uk) and Rhinegold, including works connected to the new GCSE Music Specification, and is now embarking on a series of analyses, initially of works related to AS and A Level specifications past and present and some of wider interest. To-date, these are:

Haydn – Symphony No. 104 “London”, movements 1 & 3: AQA AS

Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47: AQA A2

Elgar – Symphony No. 1 in Ab major, Op. 55: AQA A2

Bach – Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041

He now lives in Cumbria, where he taught part-time for the final eleven years of his 45-year career. His longest teaching period in one school was in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he was Head of Music for 22 years.