Chanson for Flute and Piano



Instrumentation: Flute, Piano

This was written during my 22 years as Head of Music in Newcastle. It was composed specifically for a student, a flautist of real ability and musicality. I know that it has been performed by her many times since those days and, in fact, I have composed other pieces with her playing in mind.

This piece, as its title suggests, has a song-like quality and should be played in a cantabile style. It exploits a wide range of the flute, from the brightness of its upper register to the breathiness of its lower notes.

Flute and piano should regard this as a true duet, even though the main themes are given to the flute: the piano’s melodic ideas reflect many of those in the flute part and often echo or anticipate them. It is eminently suitable as a GCSE or even a GCE submission.