The Spinning Wheel


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Flute, Descant Recorder (Flute), Bb Clarinet, Violin, Accordion / Guitar / Piano, Bass

This is a traditional (Irish) folk tune in a waltz tempo.

The Descant Recorder part is playable also by flute or violin, even penny whistle, dependent upon resources. Thus, flexibility is again the hallmark.

The accordion part, invariably played by myself, sometimes with another player, tends to carry the melody while the other instruments add countermelodies and decoration around it.

The use of violin pizzicato is a feature of this arrangement and an imitation “drone” at one point.

The chords are to be played on guitar or as part of a piano “vamp”, with both encouraged to played broken chords at appropriate passages.

While arranging it, I became aware how suitable it was for canonic treatment and exploited this as well as other techniques.

Other slow airs arranged for this combination include “Air”, “Flow gently, sweet Afton”, “Carolan’s Air” and “Dark Island”.