Haydn: Symphony 104, movements I and III


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This book was originally written as a support for this music when it was an AQA GCE AS Set Work. It analyses these two movements in detail but also includes a general introduction which would be useful for general study and within the new AQA GCSE Music specification’s Area of Study 1: Western Classical Music 1650 – 1910.

Learning objectives:

  • to study the set work: Haydn: Symphony No. 104 in D major, “London”, first and third movements
  • to examine the structure of Sonata Form
  • to look closely at the use of sonata form in the first movement
  • to look at the slow introduction to the first movement
  • to examine in detail the main themes and ideas presented in the exposition section
  • to consider how Haydn varies, extends and alters his ideas within the development sections
  • to study how the themes return within the recapitulation and compare their return here with their initial appearance in the exposition
  • to examine how Haydn brings the movement to a conclusion in the coda section
  • to examine the structure of Minuet and Trio Form
  • to look closely at the use of minuet and trio form in the third movement
  • to study Haydn’s use of the musical elements