Duets for Trumpet and Piano



Instrumentation: Bb Trumpet, Piano

These short pieces were written originally in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s for pupils at the Comprehensive School where I then taught. The aim was to write accessible pieces which were also melodic. As they stand, they can be played by any B flat brass instrument, or, indeed, the piano parts can be transposed so that instruments in F or E flat can play them.

The pieces cover technical matters such as tonguing, phrasing, producing long notes and so on but can also be used as short concert items, with two or three being suitable for submission at GCSE.

The pieces have been revised for this new edition (2000) and, hopefully, will be useful for Brass teachers and Heads of Department alike, as well as being enjoyable music for those learning to play brass instruments. The first piece in the set is provided as illustration as a musical excerpt and a sample page: all 11 are contained in the download folder.

All these pieces are Copyright © Andrew S. Coxon 2000. The music cannot be photocopied in whole or in part.