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Flute, Descant Recorder / Flute, Bb Clarinet, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar, Bass

This was a tune I first heard during a holiday in Brittany, played by a very talented group of musicians, who said it was of Franco-Celtic origin.

It is a lively tune based on the alternating chords of A minor and G.

In this arrangement, the tune is played by all over a simple bass before it is given a quasi-canonic treatment, utilising each of the two sections in turn.

When we played it, we always returned to the basic tune, ending abruptly, without even adding a final chord. Obviously, it is open to different performance interpretations.

Many other lively tunes can be found in the sets of Jigs and Reels arranged for this ensemble, all eminently suitable for GCSE Ensemble performace, enuring adherence to any rules on doubling of parts.