Mozart: Piano Sonata No. 11, K.331


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This is an analysis of one of Mozart’s most popular Piano Sonatas, K. 331, which contains, as its final movement, the famous Rondo alla Turca.

While written originally to support the teaching of this work when set as a GCSE Set Work, it has subsequently been extended to include more musical excerpts, compensating for the fact that not all readers will have ready access to the music.

The first movement is a delightfully lyrical theme in compound time, which is then the subject of six variations.

The second movement is a beautifully-poised Minuet and Trio.

The final movement is the movement which reflects the contemporary popularity of Turkish music or, in particular, the Janissary percussive style. Starting in A minor, it undergoes various transformations before ending emphatically in A major.