Silver Celebration


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While sorting through folders of Folk Dance music, I came across this set of 3 original compositions dating from 2002. I had written them to mark the Silver Wedding Anniversary of two friends, who I had known since the mid-70s via our mutual love of Folk-dance music and dancing. Having re-located them, I promptly set about arranging them for a flexible ensemble, while bearing in mind that they were originally performed on violin, accordion and piano.

They are Jig tunes, and I gave them the titles Jean’s Special DaySilver Anniversary Jig and Michael’s Celebration.

Scored for Flutes 1 and 2, Clarinet in C / Bb, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar and Bass, this instrumentation can be adapted to suit what is available. The indicated tempo of MM 90 could be increased very slightly if preferred. It is suitable for a Ceilidh, a Concert or as part of an Ensemble submission for GCSE Performing, taking care to avoid doubling of the part to be assessed.