Lannigan’s Ball


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Instrumentation: Flute 1, Flute 2 / Descant Recorder, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Accordion and Bass.

This ensemble has many uses, be it as a GCSE Ensemble (in this case, be careful to avoid using parts which double one another too much), general KS4 ensemble work, extending the repertoire of a Ceilidh Band or, by adapting the instrumentation, having a variable ensemble.

These two lively Irish traditional jigs are just the thing for a Ceilidh: the second tune is 64 bars and, therefore, by returning to the first tune to finish, there is enough in this arrangement for a four-couple dance.

The tempo marking is a guide but these dance tunes must get people’s feet tapping and the playing should give the dancers and / or listeners a ‘lift’.