3 Jigs for ‘Cottagers’


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Instrumentation: Flute 1, Flute 2 / Descant recorder, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar and Bass.

This is another in the series of adaptable arrangements of traditional folk music. This set originated as the music used for the specific dance known as ‘The Cottagers’, or just ‘Cottagers’. It can, of course, be used for any dance requiring 32-bar jigs, as ensemble music (either at KS3 or KS4 / GCSE) or simply as a short concert item.

The melody lines can be adapted for any instrument with the required range, though, of course, the Clarinet line would need to be transposed.

The minimum requirement is a melody instrument and a piano or guitar to provide the accompaniment.

As dance music, it needs a lively approach and a good sense of rhythm, with a steady beat.

For ‘Cottagers’, each tune would be played twice, with repeats, and the sequence repeated if necessary.