7s for 5 – 3. Finale


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The title of this (formerly one-movement) work is a play on words: it is in 7/8 and is written for five players – a Wind Quintet.

Its aim is to provide an entertaining piece for both players and listeners. Players also have the challenges inherent in performing 7/8 rhythms, though there are many established patterns which emerge.

The piece is fundamentally tonal in concept but does have passages of increased chromaticism as well as one which uses a whole-tone scale.

The climax of the piece consists of overlapping ideas based on the main motif surrounding an augmented version of this motif played by the horn.

 It now forms the final movement of a three-movement Quintet, preceded by I Allegro vivo and II Meditation.

It would be acceptable for submission as a GCE or GCSE Ensemble piece.