Two Pieces by Debussy / GW’s Cakewalk




This arrangement was created when Debussy’s music was just out of copyright. As it was so popular with my then School Band, I updated it in 1991 as the format of the band had evolved by then and I was able to incorporate additional instruments. To bring this arrangement in line with others on my website, I have further revised it to its current scoring. Again, Debussy’s oroginal title has been amended to allow for current attitudes.

Sections of it are quite challenging in terms of timing as there are several changes of tempo and some ‘rubato’ passages, mostly only two bars in duration. It also required very close attention to dynamic shading and contrast. If necessary, the indicated tempo can be eased slightly.

It went down very well at concerts when it was performed and there is a real sense of enjoyment and achievement for the players and conductor alike when the piece has been mastered: I commend it to you.