The Seven Joys of Mary



Some years ago, I set the words of this traditional carol for SATB, Flute and Piano and was present at its first performance by members of the last school where I taught. It has seemed logical to re-write it a little so that it is available as melody only, though still accompanied by Flute and Piano. The style of the accompaniment changes for each verse, though some figures recur quite regularly, notably in the flute and piano. Harmonic styles range from the diatonic to the chromatic.

There are seven verses, with an instrumental introduction and interludes. It is a charming carol and well within the reach of all Soprano or Tenor voices as it traces the events of the birth of Jesus through to His death and resurrection. The Flute part would suit a good Grade V or VI player.

The attachment includes separate parts for Soprano (or Tenor), Flute and Piano as well as a full score. A full Sibelius recording is included as well as the excerpt featured on my website.

It is a beautiful Carol and, as a fuller version, was very popular with performers and listeners / audiences alike: enjoy!