The Jig of Slurs


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This is another example in my series of versatile arrangements based on Traditional Folk Dance melodies. This particular one was very popular with the Folk Group in what turned out to be my last School. Starting and ending with the title tune, there is another melody in the middle whose name, I regret, I have forgotten. The arrangement is for three Flutes, Clarinet in Bb / C, Alto saxophone, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar and Bass, though this can be adapted to suit the instrumentation available.

These are lively Jig tunes and should be played with a sense of “lift” to encourage the dancers. The tempo indicated is MM = 100. The download includes a full score and set of parts as PDFs and a recording via Sibelius.

It can be found by searching under Folk Band, Chamber music or GCSE, as it is eminently suitable as an Ensemble submission, always ensuring that the rules regarding doubling are carefully followed. Please note that, while the score is in landscape format, the individual parts are in portrait.