Staten Island


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This is another of my arrangements for a flexible ensemble, where instrumentation can be adapted to suit the available resources, subject to playing ability and the range of the instrument.

This is an example of a lively, traditional Reel: a dance written in 4/4 but played as if in 2/2. This has always been a favourite tune of mine, just as it was of the Folk Band I ran at my last School. The main thing that sets this tune apart from many others comes in the ‘B’ music, where there are two accented chords of C major within a tune in D major!

First and foremost, it is a dance tune and must have a real sense of ‘lift’: it’s a great tune and will set feet tapping – play it and enjoy it, whether at KS4, for GCSE Ensemble, as a Ceilidh Band or just as a group of musicians.