Salmon Tails


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This was one of the first arrangements I did for variable ensemble when I moved to what was to be my final school. The newly-formed Folk Band was in a state of growth and flux, so additional parts were added as it evolved. To bring it up-to-date with my current arrangement, I have added parts for Clarinet in C and Bass. The full line-up is Flutes 1 & 2, Descant Recorder, Clarinets 1 & 2 in Bb / C, Alto Saxophone, Violin plus Violins 1 & 2, Accordions / Piano / Guitar and Bass. Parts can be assigned to different, but appropriate, instruments to suit the resources available. The Bass line can be performed an octave lower where this is practical.

Salmon TailsĀ is a tradition Reel and, as such, should be played with a sense of lift, encouraging people to tap their feet and dance. much of the arrangement is really straightforward. It is a popular melody and proved so with both performers, dancers and audience. It is suitable for Ensemble work, performing as part of a Concert and for submission as part of the Ensemble element of GCSE Music, taking heed of any restrictions regarding doubling of parts. ENJOY.