Planxty Urwin


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This arrangement is based on a composition by the blind Irish composer and harpist, Turlough O’Carolan (1670 – 1738). Its aim is to produce a multi-variable arrangement, open to many interpretations. It can be performed in a range of ways, from a simple solo to a variety of versions with different levels of accompaniment.

It is score for Melody 1, Melody 2 – in fact a countermelody which I added in 2007 – (each at Concert pitch and for B flat instruments), a piano part with the left hand also scored for Bass and the right hand for acoustic guitar at two different octaves and a part for Accordion.

The indicated MM of Crotchet = c.120 is, perhaps, just a little fast. It is a gentle, legato melody with opportunities for dynamic shading. I trust you will enjoy it, ion whatever format you decide to perform it. Obviously, the recorded excerpt and the full recorded version are for all instruments playing simultaneously, noting that the countermelody begins with the repeat of the whole melody.