Johnny Get Your Hair Cut


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This is another in my series of variable arrangements of traditional Folk music. As with some previous arrangements, this one is based on a tune with a rather unusual and amusing name. The original scoring is for Flutes 1 & 2, Clarinet in C / Bb, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar and Bass, though these can be adapted to suit the resources available.

It is classified under Folk Band, Chamber music and GCSE, this last because it is suitable to be submitted as part of a GCSE Ensemble performance. please note that the Violin part is quite tricky in parts. Also, this excerpt does not make it clear aurally that the opening scoring of the melody for Accordion and Violin is superseded by Accordion and Clarinet.

It is a very lively tune and, as befitting all such dance music, this Reel should be played with a real sense of “lift”, as it would be if played by a Ceilidh Band.