2 Irish Polkas


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The two traditional Irish Polka tunes are arranged for a line-up of Flute 1, Flute 2 / Descant Recorder, Clarinets 1 & 2, Violin, Accordions / Piano / Guitar and Bass.

This adaptable instrumentation has, in common with other arrangements I have done for Folk Band / Ensemble, the potential to be played by a wide range of instruments where the range and performing abilities permit.

The main melody is always in the accordion with the accompanying chords given, though this is not a required instrument. Other parts offer harmonies and / or countermelodies and / or decorative figuration.

As these are dance tunes, they must be played in a lively manner, sufficient to encourage clapping, foot-tapping, even, of course, dancing.

They are ideal repertoire tunes for a Ceilidh Band and can also fill a role as an Ensemble piece for the main GCSE examination boards or for other purposes at KS4 or even KS3.