The Lambton Worm




Instrumentation: standard Brass Band plus Tubular bells

This is an arrangement of the .traditional song “The Lambton Worm”, which tells of the exploits of the bold Sir John and makes reference to the northern landmark of Penshaw Hill, upon which now stands the Penshaw Monument.

Penshaw is situated between Washington and Houghton-le-Spring.

The song has several verses and a recurring chorus and several of the stages of the story are reflected in the arrangement, including the sound of church bells, to be played on tubular bells (though a vibraphone can be substituted if the range of bells is not available.)

After an introduction, the melody is set rather in the style of a hymn tune, though with some quite chromatic harmony. It changes abruptly as the chorus arrives.

There are passages to enable most instrumental sections to take the melody and there are changes of tonality, texture and tempo. There are challenging moments but, overall, it should be enjoyed!