Song for Janet




This is an original composition for Clarinet and Piano. It was spotted on the Sibelius website by Euphonium player, who asked for permission to perform it: this I gladly agreed to, not expecting that a brass player would want to tackle this. The suggestion was that it should be arranged for Brass Band or Wind Band: the result is this arrangement – I might get round to doing one for Euphonium and Wind Band sometime in the future. It has been proven to work by the players of the Billingham Silver Band but much, of course, depends on the solo euphonium player.

The slower, contemplative outer sections frame a much quicker, almost breathless, central section. There are ‘ad lib’ sections for the soloist and, although manageable by the majority of bands, this will need careful preparation of the lyrical sections and precise articulation of the faster music.

Please allow for the far-from-realistic Sibelius sounds. Reference can also be made to the version for Clarinet and Piano, also included on this website.