Composing Variations




This series of lessons is based on my own teaching at KS3. I have taught versions of this Unit for both Year 7 and 9, though with modified content and at differing demand levels.

It outlines a range of ways in which a melody can be varied, giving clear examples along the way.

The core melody is a Nursery rhythm, but the Unit refers to works by composers including Mozart, Britten, Copland and Andrew Lloyd-Webber. You might also want to refer to Haydn’s variations in his Surprise Symphony and / or Brahms’ Variations on “The St. Anthony Chorale”.

The pack includes the PowerPoint Presentation, with some suggestions as to how to use some of the pages of content, and PDFs of each of the musical examples used, plus a couple of extra ones for possible further work.

As always, it revolves around listening, performing and composing and should cover a half-term’s work. The suggested method of assessment can be replaced by your own, of course.