G & S 5




This the fifth in a series of arrangements I did of songs from Gilbert and Sullivan operettas during my time at the last school where I taught. The Wind Band I built up there had thoroughly enjoyed discovering these melodies and the audiences equally enjoyed listening to them. This is for a slightly larger line-up to bring it into line with other arrangements.

This arrangement includes songs such as: from “Pirates of Penzance” (When a foeman bears his steel, Go ye heroes and Here’s a first-rate opportunity) and from “The Gondoliers” (La Cacarucha). There is also a much slower song, featuring the Oboe playing the melody (though this could be re-assigned to Flute if necessary).

It includes opportunities for all to show their abilities and last over six minutes. Please feel free to slightly adjust the tempo, if the faster ones are a little too demanding, but without losing the impact of the music.

Lead Guitar could be added where considered appropriate and the same applies to Bass Guitar.