Bobby Shafto




Instrumentation: standard Wind Band

This arrangement is derived from one I did some years earlier for Brass Band, an arrangement which will also appear on this website. There is a range of levels of difficulty across the different parts, with a variety to suit most abilities found in schools and amateur Wind Bands.

Its introduction has accents on weak as well as strong beats and the instruments are gradually introduced, starting with the lower registers. It is left to the trumpets to play the melody for the first time with a detached, chordal, accented accompaniment.

The music modulates and the arrangement uses a variety of textures, some involving closely-overlapping phrases. The passage in 7/8 will need careful rehearsal as will its immediate return to 2/4 at its end.

It is quite a long piece and the tempo marking should be strictly observed. There is also an arrangement, on a smaller scale, available for Folk Band