Three Traditional Hornpipes


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This is another in my series of “variable” arrangements: it is scored for Flutes 1 & 2, Clarinet in C and/or Bb, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar and Bass, though this can be adapted to accommodate the instruments available. The Hornpipes which make up this arrangement are Proudlock’s HornpipeChanging Your Demeanour and The Minstrel’s Fancy. The indicated Tempo, while suitable for dancing, can be adjusted to accommodate the occasion and the abilities of the performers.

While obviously arranged for a Folk / Ceilidh Band and dancing, it can be performed as part of a Concert or as part of the Ensemble element of Performing for GCSE Music, though, in this context, any rules on doubling of parts must be observed.

Whatever the occasion, the main thing is to enjoy playing this music.