3 Lakeland Jigs


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This arrangement is of three more Jigs composed during and after holidays in the Lake District. In 1989, my wife and I spent a week in Ennerdale and these jigs are named after places in that beautiful valley. An additional set from that period is called “Memories of Ennerdale.”

They are arranged for my ‘usual’ line-up of Flute 1, Flute 2 / Descant Recorder, Bb Clarinet, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar and Bass. The individual melody lines will work on a range of instruments and, as a result, the arrangement is adaptable as long as its fundamental parts are retained. As an absolute minimum, the accordion can play both the melody and supply the chordal / rhythmic accompaniment or melody and rhythmic / chordal accompaniment will suffice.

The arrangement is eminently suitable for a Ceilidh Band but is of a suitable standard to be used at KS4 / GCSE level for ensemble work. In some situations, it might be suitable for the final stages of KS3 work.

The aim of the music is to accompany dance but the melodies were written to be catchy and memorable. The jigs should be played with enjoyment and a sense of ‘lift’.