3 Jigs – Love, Port and Sherry


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Instrumentation: Flute 1, Flute 2 / Descant Recorder, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Accordion / Piano / Guitar and Bass.

These 3 traditional jigs are arranged for the same flexible ensemble as most of the others under this ‘Folk Music’ heading. As always, the basic requirements are a melody instrument and accompanying instrument, the latter capable of providing a solid rhythmic basis for this dance music.

Thus, each of the top five lines could be played on violins while the top three could be played on flutes (with the proviso that the clarinet line will need to be transposed.)

As with other music thus arranged, the fundamental thing to bear in mind is that this music for dancing and, as such, should be played in a rhythmical and lively manner and at a steady tempo. The tempo indication given is purely a guide and will be determined by the location, the dance and the age / experience of the dancers.

Alternatively, the arrangement can be added to the repertoire of a Ceilidh Band, can be used, as most of these were, with a Folk Band at school or can be utilised for general ensemble work at GCSE level.